Hey guys,

So we want to set up Live Coverage for the ‘Where We Are’ Tour that is happening this summer! Our goal is to keep you guys completely updated with what 5SOS has going on while on tour this summer and Live Coverage is our idea to make that happen. BUT we need your help. In order to TRUELY have live coverage, we need live tweeters. What that means is, each day we will make a post about the show that day and any information we have on it. Included in the post will be the setlist and any videos that are posted while the show is happening. We will post any photos that come along as well during their set as well as any official information/videos/photos that the boys post. After the shows end we will go back and find photos and videos from each show and link them on the post thus making a full and true update for each and every show this summer.

Where you come in is the Live Tweets bit. In addition to everything else we outlined above that would go into a post, we will also include most important of all, a twitter list with all the live tweeters for the day who will post live up to the minute updates. Ideally we’d like to have a couple of people for each show. I know this is a lot to ask, but I know a lot of you will be seeing the boys on tour this summer!

If you’re interested in being one of our Live Tweeters all you need to do is let us know your twitter name and which show (or shows) you’re attending! This goes for the entire tour! We will add your name to our list and post the twitter list on our site for each show. Your tweets will show up in the list for live updates for that day. You don’t have to do anything more than just tweet.

If you’re interested, please tweet us at @5secondsonline, email us, or comment this post! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Check out some awesome live videos from 5SOS’s North American Tour (LA stop)!! The LA show was the boys first official headlining show in the US and they sounded FABULOUS! *squeeeeeel*

Doing Canadian things…
calum hood michael clifford toronto north american tour 5sos 5 seconds of summer slsp she looks so perfect

Check out 5 short videos of the boys on their 5 Countries 5 Days tour earlier this month! So cool to see the cameras following them around! Enjoy!

Check out some of the merch that the boys have for sale on their North American Tour!

5sos 5 seconds of summer slsp she looks so perfect north american tour stars stripes and maple syrup tour

Happy Record Store Day! If you were in the UK, AND WERE LUCKY AS SHIT, you may have copped one of these bad boys… Who did? (LUCKKKYYYY)

5sos cassette 5 seconds of summer she looks so perfect slsp


michael clifford mikey 5sos justin bieber biebs 5 seconds of summer slsp she looks so perfect

calum hood katy perry 5sos 5 seconds of summer slsp she looks so perfect

She Looks So Perfect was the Shazam US Single of the week!! SO RAD.

5sos 5 seconds of summer she looks so perfect slsp shazam single of the week

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04/21 Silver Spring, MD
04/22 New York, NY
04/24 Upper Darby, PA
04/25 Wallington, CT

04/30 Sydney, AU
05/02 Adelaide, AU
05/03 Melbourne, AU
05/04 Melbourne, AU
05/05 Sydney, AU
05/07 Brisbane, AU
05/08 Perth, AU

WHERE WE ARE TOUR (Europe) w/ 1D
05/23 Dublin, IE
05/24 Dublin, IE
05/25 Dublin, IE
05/28 Sunderland, GB
05/30 Manchester, GB
05/31 Manchester, GB
06/01 Manchester, GB
06/03 Edinburgh, GB
06/06 London, GB
06/07 London, GB
06/08 London, GB
06/13 Stockholm, SE
06/14 Stockholm, SE
06/16 Copenhagen, DK
06/17 Copenhagen, DK
06/20 Paris, FR
06/24 Amsterdam, NL
06/25 Amsterdam, NL
06/28 Milano, IT
06/29 Milano, IT
07/02 Düsseldorf, DE
07/04 Bern, CH
07/06 Turin, IT
07/08 Barcelona, ES
07/10 Madrid, ES
07/11 Madrid, ES
07/13 Porto, PT

08/01 Toronto, ON
08/02 Toronto, ON
08/04 East Rutherford, NJ
08/05 East Rutherford, NJ
08/07 Foxboro, MA
08/08 Foxboro, MA
08/09 Foxboro, MA
08/11 Washington, DC
08/13 Philadelphia, PA
08/14 Philadelphia, PA
08/16 Detroit, MI
08/17 Detroit, MI
08/19 Nashville, TN
08/22 Houston, TX
08/24 Dallas, TX
08/27 St. Louis, MO
08/29 Chicago, IL
08/30 Chicago, IL
09/11 Pasadena, CA
09/12 Pasadena, CA
09/13 Pasadena, CA
09/16 Phoenix, AZ
09/19 El Paso, TX
09/21 San Antonio, TX
09/23 Tulsa, OK
09/25 New Orleans, LA
09/27 Charlotte, NC
09/28 Charlotte, NC
10/01 Atlanta, GA
10/03 Tampa, FL
10/05 Miami, FL

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5 Seconds of Summer is a band from Sydney, Australia consisting of school friends Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, & Ashton Irwin. Formed in 2011, 5SOS has come a long way in two years. Immensely talented, they all play their own instruments, in 2013 they went on One Direction's 'Take Me Home' tour. They've released two EP's and continue to stay busy with new music, videos, tours, and more. They're gearing up for the release of the debut single from their record label, 'She Looks So Perfect' as well as lots of tour dates all over the world! Keep an eye on these guys, they're sure to not be forgotten!

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