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AUS/NZ: Adam Wilkinson
International: Matt Emsell / Wonder Mgmt –

AUS/NZ: Brett Murrihy –
International: Mike Greek –

*Not sure if this address is still used… but if you want to try then go for it!*
5 Seconds of Summer
PO Box 603
Leichhardt NSW
2040 Australia

LUKE: Twitter | Instagram
MICHAEL: Twitter | Instagram
CALUM: Twitter | Instagram
ASHTON: Twitter | Instagram

56 Responses to CONTACT 5SOS

  • hi well im from chile and me and my friends made a street team and we want to be the official fc in chile but we dont know how can you please help us ?:)

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiii :-) I know that y’all won’t see this but I just wanted to tell y’all guys that I love y’all so much! I’m happy for everything that y’all guys do for us! And thank you for waking up every single day and working hard for us! I hope Y’all can come back to Houston,TX really soon! Love y’all lots! -Valeria C.G. xoxoxoxo :-)
    Ps: Sorry for all thE “Y’all’s” & It would be awesome iF I Can have 1/4 maybe? @Garcia_ValeriAa :-) thanks again xx

  • crystal says:

    i think you guys need to come to houston tomorrow :)

  • megan zyla says:

    please please please come to nebraska at some point in life please this year we love you

  • Emily brevard says:

    I love you all so much! You have literally made me a stronger person and Taught me to never give up and to keep trying. You make me feel like I’m worth being happy and I love you for that! I hope y’all will come to Alaska some day because nobody good ever comes to Alaska:(

  • HANNAH says:


  • i love luke and ashton ans all of them

  • Taylah Read says:

    Hello my friend and I are like such a huuuugggee fan we love you guys so much.

  • Tiana irwin ;) says:

    Come back to perth please! I love you! #5sosfam

  • Alejandra says:


  • Sam says:

    Hi my name is sam and even though I never heard ifyou guys I need a big favor. I missed my friends birthday because I was college jumping and it seems there is no way to make It up. If you could contact her on her twitter , beach_derp, it would mean the world to Her. It would be the best present ever but I need your help. There’s a slight chance youre not gonna see this but then aGain maybe you will. Please help me and make my friend the happiest girl ever

    ANYWAYS PLEASE PLEASE FOLLOW ME And my friend on twitter <3

  • Olivia says:

    Hello my name is olivia. i am a huge fan. i want to tell you 10 reasons why i love you and i figured you probably wont notice on twitter but here i go

    1. you helped me stay strong. i am 1 week clean.

    2. you always now how to make someone smile

    3. You truley love the 5sosfam

    4. your so greatfull for everything

    5. you know some fans are struggling

    6. you love to rock out

    7. you try to make us laugh

    8. you said in boston when you say massachussets it sounds like mashed potatoes!

    9. i think you act dumber than you actually are

    10. you try to follow everyone

    but me… twitter 5idiotsand4emos and oliviav17

    instagram vineyard17
    Please notice this

  • taylor c. says:

    who are 5sos managers/MANAGEMENT, and who are they signed by?

  • STephanie :i says:

    Hey guys!

    When do u came to Denmark?
    Me and my friends.. LOVE YA!

    I hope we ciya in Denmark :i

  • Gabrielle says:

    YOu guys are amazing! First time I heard you guys was when I was flipping through pandora and I fell inlove with your songs :-) . Sorry if this is in all caps my iPod is being silly. I hope to hear from anyone of you on twitter(-: that would absolutely make my day :-) love you guys!

  • olivia says:

    Do you guys know who is the bands current manager? if so, whom?! (:

  • Cailey says:

    Hi i um love you. Ok byYe. Stay adorable xxxxxx

  • SARA says:


  • Kathrin says:

    Can you pease come to Austria ? one direction doesn´t come to austria so why not 5sos? and right now i am in a really bad mood cause i forgot my homework in school and i get 2 minus in the classbook i don´t know why but your music calms me down! Thanks for being who you are love you guys lots :) Austria really needs you but i think i am the only one in austria who really knows you haha
    come to vienna please! i need you :`(

  • Kylie says:

    Hi guys! Ilysm!!!! You dont Even know! Luke i actually would cry if i met you lIke that much! Omg ashton you have such an amazing boice but ypur stIll the worlds best Drummer in my oppiNion! Luke, your vOice kills me soooooo much! MIKEY! OMG YOU ARE SOOOOOO FREAKInG ADORABLE! And omfg calum! Lets just say… I still cant put it into words! Like ijlysm<3

  • St5ar says:

    I love you luke Hemmings!
    When do you guys come to west Virginia
    Me and my friend wishiea we can date you guys luke and calum

  • LogAN (GIRL) says:

    I love you guys Michael YOUR PERFECT YOU MAKE ME STRONG <3

  • randomfangirl says:

    okay! I completely adore you guys. ashton you are like a ball of happiness that i just want to take and keep forever. calum you have these cute eyes and an amazing nose :) and you are like my best friend Natalie>… she loves you like a lot, a lot…. heheh…. micheal you are as weird as anyone can get.. i like that cause im also weird…… last but not least, mr. hemmings……. you have an amazing smile and just know im sending you my virtual love. i live in south Africa so we don’t get 5sos cd’s in our stores but that doesn’t stip us from loving you guys to bits….. follow me on @_KayGee_xx on twitter :) i love you guys

  • marisa says:

    hi, i am planning on sending the boys fanmail to that address, but do you think they will even read it…???

  • Sierrah osborne says:

    Um well my friend told me to tell yall my story but its long So ill tell tou the basics i was bullied All through primary and secondary school and in middle school.. My mom dismt reallY take care of us i was depressed and cut i didnt stop cutting till december when my friend gracefound out and madenme stop i moved from my moms house jn august and across the county to PaLm springs california with my dad…things are kinda better im still a wallflower and outcast but no one SayS anything to my faCe and for the first time im gonna Put myself out there and go to my winter formal alone… Its next weekend and im scared to death! Exams are these week and im auper stressed amd worried for the weekend i wish i could have a date so i wouldnt be alone…

  • Shanna says:

    I LOVE you 5sos. I cant wait to see you in concert again.

  • Megan says:

    I was wondering if 5sos was going to tour America?

  • Rachelle says:

    sorry this message is in caps. idk what happen but im so happy you guys are coming to north america. but im pretty bummed out you guys aren’t coming to winnipeg oh well im still happy. i love you guysssss<33333

  • iSABELLE says:

    okay sooo… me(@izzay1624) and my bestfriend kaylee (@ohhiitskaylee) tried really really hard to get 5 seconds of summer tickets today for the north american tour in toronto but sadly, the tickets sold it in like 5 seconds .. haha.. get it …. anyways so we are super sad we didnt get them and just wanted to know if you ever do see this, please help our dreams come true or even just follow us on twitter because we love you<3 even if we dont get in, we will be outside the whole time SUPPOSING you guys!!!!! and btw stupid stubhub are like stealing all your tickets and selling them for 5520$ so this is cruel and mean :( plzzzz help!!!!

  • ann says:

    urgent help!

    stubhub has bought all the tickets and now the 5sosfam cant manage to buy them anymore theyre now 5x the original and we cant let the scalpers get away with it and i cant seem to contact matt in anyway and now the boys think that we bought them and theyre going to see that only very few of us are going to show up! we are (twitter 5sosfam) are trying our best for them to see whats going on please if theres anything you can do please help out thank you x

    • Steph K-S says:

      I don’t know if there’s anything I can do besides post about not buying from the scalpers. Want to email us at and we can talk about coming up with a plan? I absolutely hate scalpers… and want to see them go DOWN.

  • Christine Han says:

    You guys totally need to come to Virginia in North America!!!

  • Teika Reiners says:

    Hii me and some German Fans have a special present for the boys and of course we want that they see it, so my question is right to witch adress i should send it, because i really want that the Boys get it, there are some letters that are going especially to luke and Ashton and for me its really important that they get THem
    I hope you can help me with that :)

    Lota of love Teika

  • Jennifer Bell says:

    If i send a Letter to 5sos, from the usa. Will it get delivered to aUstraliA safely?

  • Ces and sophia says:
    please help us get them to be out senior year prom dates!!!!

  • Morgan Marie says:

    Helloo , i just WANt to let you know i love you guys so much. thank you for that . im from american and going to your concert soon .
    i love you luke , ashton,calum , and michael

  • Nikki says:

    You guys should come to Pittsburgh PENNSYLVANIA. It would be awesome if you would ;d

  • UnkNown says:

    Its not Fair… I was Going to go to the where we are tour iN massachusetts and Now theyre going and i cant Go ;-; i hate my LIfe

  • lIZELLE says:

    HI, i’m from South Africa. I’d just love to say that i’m a massive fan and i hope that one fine day, i’d be lucky enough to see you performing live, approximately 10-20 feet away from me.

    you have a massive fanbase here, which you’re perhaps unaware of as we’ve never had meetups or anything of sorts. thing is, we’re a really occupied country (you’d see that on the news, haha) but nonetheless, we love you to bits.

    it hurts us that we don’t ever get to see our favourite artists live. please try to come, preferably with One Direction, next year, when they will be gracing our shores.

    much love, lizzy xoxo

  • Chanel says:

    PLZZZZZ Come to Canada!! I mean, u know, like, other than Toronto! CALGARY! CALGARY! CALGARY! CALGARY! PLZZZZZ (Bring 1d with u)

  • Lea irwin says:

    Please Come to GErmany again! Come to Mannheim!!!!! Please because Berlin is so Far away.. :(
    I’m So upset that I can’t go to your concert… Crying for 1 1/2 Week every evening </3
    Love you Guys so much! *-* <3

  • katelyn maxwell says:

    could you come and play in va please:/

  • monique says:

    Hope you guys are having a great time u need to come to nz.p.s love you guys xoxo. :*

  • jessIca says:

    I LOve you guy. you are awesome and i’m such a huge fan. i was so excited when “she looks so perfect” played in new york for the first time on 3/18/2014 on bli (106.1) in long island!!!!!!! i wish you guys could come and play at the jones beach theater, i would so love to go. i hope you guys consider playing there cause i know a ton of people who would love to go and i would totally love to meet you guys and maybe even hang out……? so maybe you guys can come play here one day, that would mean to most to your fans on long island, ny. thanks for being you :) and i cant wait for the chance see you guys in concert.

  • Karen Burns says:

    Do you have meet and greet tickets avaiable for the Dallas house of blues Concert 4/15/14

  • julia solberg says:

    Hi(: I love you all and i really wish you would come to minnesota!(: it would be amazing

  • Angela Dowling says:

    hI Going to brisbane concert but merch store isn’t working.

  • jill says:

    how do I purchase merchandise for our store at wholesale prices?

  • Megan tolland says:

    Ive been hearing alot of rumours, but thats what they are, just rumours, ashton, i lOve You, and if you ever need to talk im jUst a dm away, same for you too boys @meGanbrooks250

  • ian says:

    So yeah hi I’m not a fangirl, just a fan. But hey, trying to ask your band to do a cover of IRIS by Goo Goo Dolls or IN THE END by Linkin Park wouldn’t kill me. SO yeah, just asking. Thanks. :D

  • jana says:

    I don’t know how often I sent this e-mail to one of this ’5sos accs’ but I want to play safe that I’ll get an answer haha.
    Me and my cousin are from germany and we made a video for the boys. We want them to laugh as hard as we while watching their videos but we don’t know where to send it. Can you help us? It’d mean the world :)

    love, Jana & Kathrin

  • madison brock says:

    I wont to go to a 5sos concert but I don’t hAVE THE MONEY

  • Laura stergiotis says:

    I HAVE A BIG QUESTION …. can you visit austria ? please you have sooo many fans here especiallyin vorarlberg !!!! so please please please come to austria <3 <3
    ps.: i love you <3 <3 <3
    pps.: please answer!!!!

    yours Laura

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