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5sos showed up to the twitcam today in costumes…all except for Luke, sporting a baseball hat and his usual style. This morning they’ve sold out the entire North American presale and are ready to make more exciting announcements about the future of 5sos in this twitcam. Here’s what they said:

-She Looks So Perfect music video releasing on Monday, February 24!
-North America can pre-order the EP on Tues. February 25!
-UK tour starts in three days
-She Looks So Perfect EP is currently #1 in Australia
-Expect a European 5sos tour VERY soon!
-Australian tour also to follow
-5sos played snippets of the songs on the EP



UTC + 11

1:30 AM EST

10:30PM  PST


3:30 PM AEST


Check your time zone if yours is not listed above!


Here’s the details from the twitcam if you missed it! Check out what these crazy Aussies were up to this time:

-5SOS starts by sitting on the couch, then move to the bathtub.

-Whilst in bathtub, doorbell rings

-Screaming. Lots and lots of screaming.


-They torture Ashton until he gets in the tub

-The other three escape into the bedroom (risque)

-Things get real weird right now

-Random girl calls Ashton and asks to follow her

-Michael believes his and Calum’s ship name is just ‘Michael’

-The twitcam turns into a 1975 singalong

-They keep hurting each other omg why stop

-The Cliffoconda makes an appearance

-5sos make note to North American fans to keep tweeting despite the difference in time zones

-Calum’s butt makes an appearance

The Twitcam has been moved to Sunday, September 8th at 8PM PST. For those of you east coasters that’s 11 PM EST. Check your local time zone so you know what time to be on! RSVP for the event here

The boys are doing a twitcam Tuesday, September 3. They’ll be broadcasting live one final time from Los Angeles. For those of us in the US, the times will be 11 PM EST and 8 PM PST. Check for your local time internationally! RSVP to the facebook event here.

Don’t miss the last twitcam from LA!

-The boys are late as per usual

-Luke was wearing sunglasses and drinking some seaweed thing

-Calum in a snapback

-Ashton was loudly singing

-The boys were answering questions using the hashtag #5SOSanswerme

-They prefer to change genders when they sneeze as to magnetic nipples

-They showed off their American accents

-The album will be available EVERYWHERE! Don’t worry about your country not having an album release

-The boys will be doing a worldwide tour in the future

-USA, UK, AUS, NZ, Ireland, and more are guaranteed to have tour dates

-They repeatedly said “moist” to Calum because he hates that

-The boys will be releasing a new song soon


Here are the times for the twitcam today! Make sure you tune in for any important announcements!

Here’s the details if you missed the twitcam today!

-The boys talked about wifi

-They compared their thumbs

-5SOS are still writing their album

-After the US tour, they will continue to write songs while they are still in America

-The boys are playing in London on November 26, 2013

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04/21 Silver Spring, MD
04/22 New York, NY
04/24 Upper Darby, PA
04/25 Wallington, CT

04/30 Sydney, AU
05/02 Adelaide, AU
05/03 Melbourne, AU
05/04 Melbourne, AU
05/05 Sydney, AU
05/07 Brisbane, AU
05/08 Perth, AU

WHERE WE ARE TOUR (Europe) w/ 1D
05/23 Dublin, IE
05/24 Dublin, IE
05/25 Dublin, IE
05/28 Sunderland, GB
05/30 Manchester, GB
05/31 Manchester, GB
06/01 Manchester, GB
06/03 Edinburgh, GB
06/06 London, GB
06/07 London, GB
06/08 London, GB
06/13 Stockholm, SE
06/14 Stockholm, SE
06/16 Copenhagen, DK
06/17 Copenhagen, DK
06/20 Paris, FR
06/24 Amsterdam, NL
06/25 Amsterdam, NL
06/28 Milano, IT
06/29 Milano, IT
07/02 Düsseldorf, DE
07/04 Bern, CH
07/06 Turin, IT
07/08 Barcelona, ES
07/10 Madrid, ES
07/11 Madrid, ES
07/13 Porto, PT

08/01 Toronto, ON
08/02 Toronto, ON
08/04 East Rutherford, NJ
08/05 East Rutherford, NJ
08/07 Foxboro, MA
08/08 Foxboro, MA
08/09 Foxboro, MA
08/11 Washington, DC
08/13 Philadelphia, PA
08/14 Philadelphia, PA
08/16 Detroit, MI
08/17 Detroit, MI
08/19 Nashville, TN
08/22 Houston, TX
08/24 Dallas, TX
08/27 St. Louis, MO
08/29 Chicago, IL
08/30 Chicago, IL
09/11 Pasadena, CA
09/12 Pasadena, CA
09/13 Pasadena, CA
09/16 Phoenix, AZ
09/19 El Paso, TX
09/21 San Antonio, TX
09/23 Tulsa, OK
09/25 New Orleans, LA
09/27 Charlotte, NC
09/28 Charlotte, NC
10/01 Atlanta, GA
10/03 Tampa, FL
10/05 Miami, FL

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5 Seconds of Summer is a band from Sydney, Australia consisting of school friends Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, & Ashton Irwin. Formed in 2011, 5SOS has come a long way in two years. Immensely talented, they all play their own instruments, in 2013 they went on One Direction's 'Take Me Home' tour. They've released two EP's and continue to stay busy with new music, videos, tours, and more. They're gearing up for the release of the debut single from their record label, 'She Looks So Perfect' as well as lots of tour dates all over the world! Keep an eye on these guys, they're sure to not be forgotten!

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